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Our Motto

Who is Nero Credit Repair

Nero Credit Repair is a national credit restoration company that works with clients and creditors to raise credit scores. Nero Credit Repair is Trained and Certified as Credit Experts, not many other local credit repair companies can say this. In fact, our credit experts are highly trained and have to pass a series of tests before we even allow them to handle the phones to take your call for a FREE consultation. We offer more than enough options to put your credit back into place

What We Do

First, we take your phone call. It’s free and we encourage you to call now. Then after we gather all of your information we work on creating a master plan, a little something we like to call the Action Plan. It’s a great concept, and we are the leaders in the local and national area to help you create this plan. Once we get that taken care of we ensure that you and your credit are well taken care of.

The file, or action plan system allows you to get into it at any time of the day or night (24/7). You can see items removed from your report, others that are being worked on and watch your credit score rise. We are dedicated to doing that and if you don’ t see a rise in your credit within 6 months then we are dedicted to getting you a refund.

Oklahoma City Credit Repair is the leader in local credit and debt repair. Remember, no credit score is too hard to deal with and noone should be ashamed of their credit!